Kunsthalle Turku’s Artotheque and Aulagalleria will open on June 3rd. New exhibitions will open in the second floor’s galleries on July 17th. You can find the program and opening hours on our website. We will pay particular attention to safety of artists, visitors and staff, and the number of visitors will be limited if necessary.

Exhibitions canceled in the spring and early summer will be moved to later dates this year. We are delighted to be holding the Eeva Karhu’s exhibition Surrounded by in Iso galleria and Milla Talassalo’s exhibition 3 in Pieni galleria from July 17 to August 30. Mari Mäkiö’s exhibition Kagekiyodo will be held in Aulagalleria from September 4 to October 4, and Essi Orpana’s exhibition Such is the Silence  can be seen in Iso galleria from November 13 to December 20. 

From 3.6. Turku Artotheque and Aulagalleria open Wed-Sat 12-4pm

17.7–30.8. Iso galleria: Eeva Karhu / Surrounded by, Pieni galleria: Milla Talassalo / 3

4.9.–4.10.Iso galleria: Karoliina Paatos / Cowboy Girls,  Pieni galleria: Teemu Korpela / Hello From The Other Side,  Aulagalleria: Mari Mäkiö / Kagekiyodo

We’ll keep you posted with any updates from the summer and fall programs. 

Welcome, and enjoy the art! 

More information:
Sanna Vainionpää
puh: +358 45 896 2918