The open call for Kunsthalle Turku’s exhibition programme 2021 ended in March. A record number of exhibition proposals were received this year – 438 in total from around the world.

The exhibition committee described the selection process as follows:
Environmental and climate change issues emerged as recurring themes. Additionally, the role of humanity and the individual, as well as questions regarding mental well-being were also reflected in the proposals.

The outbreak of a pandemic in the middle of the selection process brought additional challenges and new perspectives for the exhibition committee. The impact of radical changes and uncertainty is also reflected in the exhibition selections.

The exhibition programme of 2021 will exhibit traditional and experimental photography, works of art based on artificial intelligence, woodcut and sound installation among others.

The artists selected for the exhibition programme of 2021 are:

Jesse Avdeikov
Andrey Bogush
Anna Hyrkkänen
Martti Jämsä & Jussi Eerola
Sami Lukkarinen & Roope Mokka
Noora Nio-Juss
Mikki Nordman
Sofia Okkonen
Rainer Paananen
Eeva-Liisa Puhakka & Jonne Pitkänen
Isfrid Angard Siljehaug, Ann-Catrin Olsson & Anna Hillbom
David Steinberg

The following artist were selected for video art screening, which will be part of the 2021 exhibition calendar: Sami Ala, Taija Goldblatt, Alisa Javits, Anni-Sofia Knuuttila, Juhani Koivumäki, Sara Pathirane / gbf_kollektiivi, Anni Saijonkivi, Annu Timonen& Kerttu Malinen and Tina Willgren.

Exhibitions were selected by the exhibition committee, which consists of visual artist Markku Haanpää, visual artist and art educator Sara Ilveskorpi, visual artist Mari Kämäräinen, artist and architect Jaakko Pesonen, photography artist Julius Töyrylä and art historian and critic Jane Vuorinen.