keltaiseen sadetakkiin pukeutunut hahmi istuu tyhjässä teollisuushallissa

Curator for Turku Artists’ Association’s 99th Annual Exhibition is scenographer and puppet theatre artist Johanna Latvala. The works for the exhibition will be selected among 151 applications. The application was open for all artists and art students residing in Finland Proper.  

Johanna Latvala has studied puppet theatre at the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences and Art Education at the University of Lapland. Latvala has been working on the free theatre field since 2006.  

Her works have been seen at Tehdas Teatteri, Turku City Theatre, Åbo Svenska Teater, Theatre Museum and Kiasma among others, as well as in urban environments and at international art festivals.  

Among Latvala’s major works is the immersive showpiece Huoneiden Kirja, which was built for Turun Kivipaino in 2021. Latvala worked as scenographic and visual coordinator for the piece. The award-winning, multi-artistic work of art was realized by a wonderful group of artists and art operators, Turku Artists’ Association among them. 

Turku Artists’ Association’s 99th Annual Exhibition is presented in Iso Gallery in Kunsthalle Turku 13/01/2022-26/02/2023. Welcome!

* Huoneiden kirja was produced by Tehdas Teatteri, Aura of Puppets and Aurinkobaletti.