Artoteque Pique Nique

AULAGALLERIA: In October there is an opportunity to see the first Artoteque Pique Nique exhibition assembled from the collection of Turku Artoteque and curated by Anna Vuoria, the director of Photographic Centre Peri. The exhibition is open from Oct 9 to Nov 8.

In 2021 there will be several Artoteque Pique Nique exhibitions curated by experts in the art field from the collection of Turku Artoteque. At the moment the collection is composed of almost 700 works of art by 136 local artists.

The experts and curators are representatives of our affiliate associations Arte ry, Turku Printmakers Association, Jöötti ry and Photographic Centre Peri.

Turku Artoteque is managed by Turku Artists’ Association