Artists graduating from the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences introduce a diverse selection of contemporary art at Kunsthalle Turku and its surroundings.

The NYTT 2021 exhibition consists of the graduation projects of 21 Fine Arts students. The exhibition is wide-ranging in terms of techniques and themes, presenting artwork from animation to oil paintings, from comics to clay, from graphics to photographs and from sculpture to videos.

“Making art is a lonely process that demands a lot of space. The final year of our studies has been unusual as most of our interaction has been remote. I feel like the situation underlines the importance of a shared exhibition. It’s wonderful to have our pieces in the same space, engaged in some type of physical dialogue, after four years of studying together and after the past year in particular.” (Fine Arts graduate Niina Villanueva)

In addition to Kunsthalle Turku, the exhibition will take over the Brinkkala Gallery and the former water tank in Turku’s Vartiovuori. Turku City Theatre will also display video art from the exhibition on its outdoor screen.

Artists of the NYTT 2021 exhibition at Kunsthalle Turku: Iina Gröhn, Hideki Kimura, Ville Kiviniemi, Ottilia Orenius, Anu Perkkiö, Anni Porrasmäki, Susanna Selin, Sampo Sirkka, Niko Tampio, Venla Torppa, Emilia Usvalaakso, Fanny Varjo and Niina Villanueva.