2022 Turun Taidehalli

The following artists and art collectives were chosen for next year’s program:

Mortti Saarnia
Henna Aho and Mia Saharla
Suvi Sysi
Erkki Nampajärvi
Elina Oikari and Yassine Khaled
Jonna Karanka, Merja Kokkonen and Laura Naukkarinen
Saku Soukka
Artor Jesus Inkerö, Kristoffer Ala-Ketola, AJ Fusco and Valter Tornberg
Leena Kela
Perttu Saksa

Kunsthalle Turku’s Open Call for 2022 exhibitions ended in February and sparked much interest: Kunsthalle Turku received 539 exhibition proposals from individual artists as well as workgroups and collectives, both from Finland and abroad. A member of the Kunsthalle Turku Art Committee, Iiris Elena Rusi, described the selection process:

”This year, the amount of exhibition proposals from work groups and collectives, communal work as well as the combining of different fields were emphasized in the proposals. In the proposals’ themes was widely seen the processing of environmental questions and the present pandemic-time through art. In next year’s exhibition program we will be seeing interesting presentations from traditional and experimental contemporary art and its boundaries. There were extremely many tempting exhibition proposals and only a limited amount of exhibition spots.”

The exhibitions were selected by Kunsthalle Turku’s Art Committee: visual artist Marjatta Holma, director and media artist Milja-Liina Moilanen, visual artist Iiris Elena Rusi, photographer and media researcher Anni Savolainen, visual artist Lydia Toivanen and visual artist Henri Tuominen.

Kunsthalle Turku was established at the Old Great Square in 2019 and is maintained by Turku’s Artists’ Association and Photographic Centre Peri.