Unfortunately the exhibition is cancelled. According to the guidance issued by the Government of Finland Kunsthalle Turku will be closed in order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. 

The Fine Arts graduates from Turku University of Applied Sciences present their artistic thesis’ at Kunsthalle Turku this spring for the second time. 

Other works from the exhibition NYTT 2020 will also be on view at Brinkkala Gallery, Brinkkalan Ullakko and the Water Cistern Vartiovuori . The exhibition is part of the 190th anniversary celebrations of the Turku School of Fine Arts.

In the spring of 2020, nineteen students from The Fine Arts program at Turku University of Applied Sciences will graduate as visual artists (BFA). The knowledge and skills accumulated throghout their studies emerge in these works that the students have been working on throghout their senior year. In their pieces, the young visual artists of the exhibition highlight both current and universal, timeless themes as well as concepts regarding the future. We will see various medias used in the works, from traditional techniques to more experimental ones. 

NYTT 2020 exhibitions artists at Kunsthalle Turku: Emilia Asplund, Elina Helkala, Maria Kaisto, Juuli Kangasniemi, Lotta-Lucia Laine, Jani Lamminmäki, Appe Leppänen, Inari Raaterova, Salla Sillgren, Sara Vertanen, Siiri Viljakka.