Silent Video Portraits
Saturday October 10th 2020
From 1 to 3pm

Video portrait shoot open for anyone. There will be a tour of Riikka Gröndahl’s exhibition “Absent Referent” in Kunsthalle Turku. Artist will make video portraits of the participants pondering the themes of the exhibition.
The exhibition examines the complicated relationship of humans and animals. We will reflect on the nature of being human or an animal. Videos of the participants will be shot one person at a time in silence, after which they may share their thoughts on the subject by speaking or writing. The subject will be approached through silence, corporeality and pondering. The video portrait offers an opportunity to be seen and to share thoughts on the theme of being human.

The artist Riikka Gröndahl will compile the videos and texts into an artwork that will be available for the participants after the exhibition. Participating in the video portraits is suitable for anyone. Kunsthalle Turku is an accessible space.

Videos will be shot maintaining safe distance. Please use a a face mask during your visit in galleries. Only visit Turku Kunsthalle if you are healthy.

Maximum of 10 people.
SIGN UP IN ADVANCE by Oct 9th: ​