In May, the Lobby Gallery will showcase the third installment in the Artoteque Pique Nique series of exhibitions with pieces selected from the sales collection of Turku Artotheque. The exhibition will be put together by curator Nina Rantala, as a representative of the Jöötti ry:

“My starting point was the sameness and interaction of the existing. Materiality and movement connects and is included in everything. We are in a deep vortex and only the direction of the gaze creates boundaries.”

Turku Artists’ Association, operator of the Turku Artotheque, established the series of exhibitions to offer communities in Southwest Finland a new form of collaboration and the chance to exhibit the pieces of local professional artists in the Lobby Gallery of Kunsthalle Turku. The Artoteque Pique Nique exhibitions are put together by an external curator or art expert using the sales collection of the artotheque, currently consisting of more than 700 pieces from 150 local artists. The curators and experts represent partners of the Turku Artotheque (Arte, Turku Printmakers Association, Jöötti ry and Photographic Centre Peri). The series of exhibitions will continue in 2021.