The exhibition Nak Nak Zing presents recent sculptures and reliefs by Eero Nives, combining an intuitive material focus with traditional wood sculpture techniques. Nives explores universal humane themes in his art by interpreting the symbolic wedging, entangling and friction of life. Eero Nives (b.1984) is a Turku-based visual artist specialising in sculpture:

“The name of the exhibition refers to the sounds of making art, where the border of seeing and experiencing is elusive, but the expressivity of the art is the core value of the artwork. The nature of the work has emerged as a combination of sound and form, clopping, clacking and zigzagging freely. The works present traces of humane presence and the celebration of reality, through which I hope the viewer can sense a possibility for contemplation. I am especially interested in the boundaries of experience. How does my own experiences differ from others?

The knotty and wedge-like nature of my work is a reference to humane experiences in the register of pain and joy where life happens, forming into sharp points and entwining energies. The thematics of the wedge and the knot explains itself.

I feel that the literal narrative of my personal experiences is not important in my exhibition, but that the dramaturgy that is shaped by my personal experiences are, as it works as an inspiration and a driving force in my work. The deliciousness of art for me is in its depictiveness and poet-like nature, that allows us to experience beauty in the midst of complicated reality. I want to bring forth an idea, a thought and a feeling of a story that is both romantic and bound in paleness. Nothing is what it seems like, but it’s what it feels like.”

The exhibition is open 17.5.-20.6.2024 Wed-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 12-16
Iso Galleria, Kunsthalle Turku
Vanha Suurtori 5, Turku