MILKY WAY (edition 3)

A kinetic audio installation of an old machine and pipelines used for milking cows.

On the countryside, more and more farms have closed down, either because of unprofitable business or because there is no one to take over after the retiring farmer. The cowsheds lie idle, empty of animals. However, all the machinery and equipment remain. The machines in the milking parlours are still and quiet.

We wanted to give new life to the old machines and equipment and decided to create a kinetic installation out of old milking machines and pipelines. In the installation, we transformed the old materials into a different kind of machine and system. We also studied the acoustics and soundscapes of milking machines as well as the sounds of cows and running water and compiled them into an audio track to accompany the installation.

The Milky Way installation introduces a positive connection between old and new culture as well as old and new work. It also recycles old materials. The phrase “One hand on an udder and the other on a laptop” perfectly describes not only this rapidly changing world but also us and our project.


Eeva-Liisa Puhakka works with diverse forms of art; video, moving sculptures, installations, audio and environmental pieces and, most recently, bio art. The viewer experiences the works of art through various senses in images, sounds, movement and scents. Eeva-Liisa Puhakka is the Artist of Kouvola City 2020–22.

Jonne Pitkänen is an experimental and versatile Kouvola-based artist who works with various forms of art, such as sculpture, Vj performance, light art, installations, jewellery art, circuit bending and new media.