Kunsthalle Turku’s third open call for exhibitions 2021 is now published! Send in your proposals by Sunday 1 March 2020. 

Photographic Centre Peri and Turku Artists’ Association, which are responsables of the exhibitions, encourage all artists working with visual arts, photography or media to submit. We would especially like to see new productions of visual arts or photography previously unseen in Turku and suitable for the Kunsthalle Turku gallery spaces. We are interested in both traditional visual arts and photography exhibitions as well as multidisciplinary and boundary-breaking productions. Proposals by artist collectives or curators are also welcomed. We encourage artists to propose participatory and alternative events to be organised as part of the exhibition program.

The exhibitions lasts about four weeks, with two days days for installing, one opening and one demounting day added. The opening is, in general, arranged on the Thursday preceding the first day of the exhibition. The available exhibition periods during 2021 are:

8 January – 7 February
12 February – 14 March
7 May – 6 June
11 June – 11 July
3 September – 3 October
8 October – 7 November

Please note that changes in the schedule may occur.


Kunsthalle Turku is located in The Old Town Hall, by the Great Old Square in the heart of Turku. In this open call we are looking for exhibitions regarding our two galleries, both located on the second floor of Kunsthalle Turku. You can propose an exhibition for a single space or both spaces. Ground plan of exhibition spaces (pdf).

Second floor, 52+20+40=112 m2
The larger gallery on the second floor consists of a rectangular space with a row of windows facing the square on one side; there is a lot of natural light in the space. The gallery contains unusual elements for an exhibition space, such as wide grey floorboards, windows and a tiled fireplace. The exhibition space is suitable for both two-dimensional artwork hanging from the walls, as well as various installations. The space is lit by LED spotlights.

Space 1 “Iso galleria”

Second floor, 27 m2
The space resembles a white cube and has walls for hanging artwork, wide gray floorboards and windows facing the inner yard. It can also be darkened for screening purposes. The space is located next to the bigger gallery, with a direct entry from the staircase. The ceiling is fitted with LED spotlights.

Space 2 or “The small Gallery”. The floor is painted light grey in January-February 2020.


The exhibition space, as well as exhibition-related arrangements provided by Kunsthalle Turku, are free of charge for the artists. The artist is responsible for production, installation and transport of the artworks, and for transport insurance, exhibition insurance and his/her own travel costs.

Kunsthalle Turku provieds the artist with the following services:

  • Rent of the exhibition space and supervision of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition
  • Design, printing and distribution of the exhibition poster
  • Proofreading the exhibition statement and list of artworks, as well as related translations
  • Sending the press release and invitation by e-mail to Kunsthalle’s own contact lists
  • Advertising the exhibition in Kunsthalle’s own website, separate events calendars and in social media
  • Staff assistance during the days of installation and demounting the exhibition
  • Recording the number of visitors and following the media coverage, documenting the exhibition
  • Contacting the press, arranging the opening
  • Mediating sales of artwork and related material (30% commission)

Artists can use the gallery’s equipment free of charge (subject to availability). The artist is responsible for other possible equipment and the costs of those, as well as installation and technical support if needed.


The open call process is digital. Please fill out our form here. Include your CV (pdf) to the form, as well as an exhibition proposal (pdf) including the following elements:

  • an exhibition plan including the name of the exhibition, preferred gallery space (either space 1 or space 2), information about the sizes and technique of the pieces
  • images (5-10 files) of work to be exhibited or examples of previous production; in case of media art please attach a link to online video or sound work (f.ex. Vimeo) in your proposal plan
  • the file name should include the applicant’s name

Please send your proposal by Sunday 1 March 2020 23:59 (GMT +2).

Although we prefer electronic proposals, paper versions are also accepted. Fill out the online form, print it and send it with the proposal to the address: Turun Taidehalli, Vanha Suurtori 5, 20500 Turku, Finland. You may also submit the proposal in person. Proposals must be received by Sunday 1 March 2020 23:59 (GMT +2). Paper submissions will not be returned to the sender.

The exhibition committee of Kunsthalle Turku consists of members of Photographic Centre Peri and Turku Artists’ Association. The committee will review the proposals in March, all candidates will be informed of the result by e-mail by mid-April. Read the presentation of the jury.


Kunsthalle Turkuis a new visual arts centre which opened in the Old Town Hall of Turku in early 2019. Two of the main artist communities from the area, Turku Artists’ Association and Photographic Centre Peri organise exhibitions and events at Kunsthalle Turku, and maintain an Artoteque, a  studio for visual artists as well as a library of material related to photography and art. Kunsthalle Turku is a vivid centre for art mediation, meetings, art services and events.

Since opening in February 2019, Kunsthalle Turku has hosted around 24 exhibitions and more than 44 000 visitors. Kunsthalle Turku’s aim to support the artists and develop processes for art mediation are evident in the exhibition program as well as in the open and diverse arts activities.

Further information on the open call:
p. +35840 350 1954 (Wed-Fri 12-6 pm)