Olga Spyropoulou & Katriina Kettunen: To Organise Our Disappointments

New Performance Turku Festival presents: Olga Spyropoulou & Katriina Kettunen / To Organise Our Disappointments, on Sunday 6/9 at 12.30pm, Kunsthalle Turku

To organise our disappointments is a joyride into failing. In this participatory performance, artists Olga Spyropoulou and Katriina Kettunen explore how disappointments occur and how they persist, stored in little pockets of memory called “things” and then put away yet in close proximity.

Venue: Kunsthalle Turku, Vanha Suurtori 5, 20500 Turku
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English

Free admission/ registration required

Info : New Performance Turku Festival