Exhibition in Kunsthalle Turku 8.10.-7.11.2021
In Photographic Centre PERIs library (2nd floor) in Kunsthalle Turku there will be an exhibition of photography and verbal art pieces that were made in the workshops of Ord och inga visor (Say it with picture) -project during 2021. Digitalizied art pieces as well as documentary pictures from workshops will be presented in a slideshow that will be projected on a wall of the library. There were workshops in Kunsthalle Turku, Ferry M/S Baldur in Parainen, Pääskynpesä Kindergarten, Cultural Center Luckan, Kupittaa Community Garden and Konstens Natt (Artists night) -happening in Restaurant Grädda in Turku.

Exhibition in Cultural Center Luckan 5.10.-7.11.2021

Luckan is the Finland-Swedish organisation of information and culture. You can find Luckan at twelve locations in Finland. Photographic and verbal artworks that were made in workshops at Konstens natt -happening and Kunsthalle Turku will be on display at Luckan. At Konstens Natt -workshop participants made drawings and pictures of common environments with their mobile phones. They were looking for contradicturies with the use of these pictures. Pictures were printed on photographic paper and text was written in Finnish, Swedish and other languages – it was possible to invent totally new meaning to the picture. In the workshop there was the possibility to see Camera Obscura that was built in the roomspace. Room was darkened and there was a small hole with the lense that you can see the image of an outdoor landscape on the opposite wall.

In Turku Arthalls workshop pinhole cameras were built by participants. Participants also took pictures by their pinhole cameras and developed them in the darkroom. Collage that is ment to be exhibited in the final exhibition consists of the pinhole camera pictures as well as the pictures that documented the project and information of building of cameras. There will also be real pinhole camera in collage.

Luckan: Aurakatu 1 H, 20100 Turku
Open: Mon-Tue 12–17, Wed 12–19, Thu-Fri 12–16

Started in 2019 as a cooperation between Photographic Centre Peri and the Turku Artists’ Association, the goal of the Ord och Inga Visor / Sano se kuvalla project is to develop natural means of increasing communication between language groups as people from different linguistic backgrounds get together in creative activity. During its nearly three years of operation, the Ord och Inga Visor project has brought together hundreds of children, young people and adults in workshops.

The project is funded by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

In collaboration: Kunsthalle Turku, Turku Artists Association ry, Photographic Centre Peri ry, Luckan Turku, Archipelago Way Oy, Konstens Natt, Restaurant Grädda, Kupittaa Community Garden, Sateenkaarikoto Oy Kindergarten Pääskynpesä, Art Association Olohuone ry

Further information:
Project Coordinator Mari Kämäräinen