Jarkko Rantanen teoskuva

The Turku Kunsthalle Open Call that was open for all professional visual artists ended in June, and by the deadline it received nearly 200 applications.

According to the exhibition committee, this year the emphasis on the proposals centered especiallyon post human themes, like relation to nature, technology, artificial intelligence as well as bodiliness and deliberations on identities. The next two years will see a broad selection of contemporary art in Iso Galleria, ranging from portraits reflecting on the history of painting to multisensory sculptures and installations that fill the space.

The artists selected for the Iso Galleria exhibition calendar 2023-2024 are as follows

2023 Aaro Murphy, Jarkko Rantanen, Selma Haro, Inka Nieminen

2024 Inari Raaterova, Kaija Hinkula, Sirkku Ketola, Eero Nives


Kaija Hinkula

Iso gallery 5.7. – 25.8.2024 Kaija Hinkula

The exhibition calendar for 2023-2024

The Iso Galleria exhibition programme will also feature the 99th and the 100th Annual Exhibition of the Turku Artists’ Association, as well as the NYTT exhibition of the graduating artists of the Turku Arts Academy and the X-mas Art Fair events in December.

Iso Galleria is an exhibition and event space in the second floor of Kunsthalle Turku, and is maintained and developed from next year on by the Turku Artists’ Association. In addition to exhibitions, the Iso Galleria programme will include new kinds of sideline programme by the selected artists, collaborative networks and the Artists’ Association.

Sanna Vainionpää, director of the Turku Artists’ Association says that the in the coming years the exhibition cycle has been strecthed, after feedback from visitors, the personnel as well as artists. The less frequent exhibition changes make the required concentration on installation and building exhibitions possible for the artists as well as for our personnel.

In honor to the upcoming centennial of the Turku Artists’ Association (founded in 1924) the exhibition selection emphasized artists working in or otherwise connected to the in Finland Proper region.

The exhibition calendar for 2023-2024 (link)

The exhibition committee for 2023 and 2024 (link)