The exhibition Fluviale | Vuolle consists of hand-sculpted wooden sculptures and sculpture installations with moving images. The installations combine the ancient tradition of craftsmanship with ecological materials, moving images, and sound. The name of the exhibition refers to the movement, waves and currents of water, and the processing of wood.

Movement is present in various ways throughout the exhibition. Visitors encounter humanoid figures whose movements reveal glimpses of unknown life forms. Movement is evident in the naturally shaped tree trunks used as material in the sculptures. The traces of craftsmanship in the wood make visible the movement of the human body. In the video images, the material moves, creating a sound landscape simultaneously used in the sculpture installations.

The wooden sculptures are made from driftwood from seashores, old sled rails, storm-felled park trees, and deciduous trees felled on ditch slopes. The natural form and origin of the trees play an important role in the artworks.


About the artist
Inka Nieminen was born in Turku and raised in Hailuoto. She studied in Helsinki, obtaining a Master’s degree in fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1999, with sculpture as her main subject. Since her student days, Inka Nieminen has been a versatile wood sculptor focusing on hand-sculpting. The origin, characteristics, and meaning of the materials used are essential parts of Nieminen’s work.

Inka Nieminen’s most important solo exhibitions have taken place at the Oulu Museum of Art (2020), Galleria Sculptor in Helsinki (2013), Taidesalonki gallery in Helsinki (2014), and Katrineholm Art Hall in Sweden (2011). She received the William Thuring Foundation’s art prize in 2011 and the Stina Krook Foundation’s art prize in 2015.


Video, sound, AV installation: Jesper Toss
The project was kindly supported by The Alfred Kordelin Foundation.


Artist’s website



15/09 at 16.45 – 17.45, Iso Galleria, Kunsthalle Turku | VIEWING ART THROUGH DISCUSSION | Salla Keskinen leads a discussion about Inka Nieminen’s exhibition
This is an event where we look at Inka Nieminen’s works and talk about them using the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) method. The method is an excellent way to slowly immerse oneself in art, and discuss it without pressure. This is not a traditional guided tour. Instead, VTS coach, artist and art educator Salla Keskinen leads the discussion with simple questions. Anyone with an interest in art can participate, no prior knowledge is required.

29/10 at 13 pm – 15 pm, Iso Galleria, Kunsthalle Turku | MEET & GREET | Inka Nieminen
A chance to meet artist Inka Nieminen and talk about her exhibition.


Free entrance to the exhibition and the events. No advance registration required. Welcome!