In Selma Aurora Haro’s art, darkness and light, fear and hope, death and life come together.

Haro creates her works intuitively. Subjects that have interested Haro lately include gardens, paths, ponds, and light-filled clearings. Haro works in a versatile manner (painting, text, drawing, video, sound) and often constructs her works into altar-like installations.

The same themes often recur in Haro’s art. The works depict an inner reality and remind one of recurring dreams where the same place always seems slightly different. The central theme of the works is the mystery and wonder of life.


About the exhibition

When the destruction of everything feels inevitable, can you stop to enjoy the sparkle?

“For a moment I am immortal” is a story of moments when the everyday world disappears. They sometimes appear as small, sometimes large cracks when it feels like taking an extra step down the stairs – a slight flutter in the stomach, brighter colours, a miracle in the midst of all the mundane.

The exhibition includes a collection of paintings from 2015 to 2023, artist’s books, and a site-specific installation consisting of plants, objects, video projections, paintings, and sound. The exhibition is a multi-layered tapestry of searching, loss, hope, and melancholy that visitors can immerse themselves in.

“I depict experiences of holiness and meaning, the feverish quest for these, the unease over meaningless days, and the fear that life will pass me by,” explains Haro.


About the artist

Visual artist Selma Aurora Haro (born in 1989) weaves her life and art together in a process where the core is sensitivity, personality, intuition, feminism, and the experience of being able to identify. In addition to her own work, Haro works on the project “Dear X/Y/Z,” together with her sister, visual artist Aino Aksenja.

Haro’s works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Estonia and Russia, and her next solo exhibition will be at Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo in Porvoo, Finland in October 2024.


The furniture included in the exhibition has been borrowed from Ekotori in Turku.

Thanks to The Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence, where the creation of a large part of the works began.


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17/11 at 16.45  – 17.45 & 26/11 at 13 pm  – 14 pm, Iso Galleria | VTS / Salla Keskinen leads a discussion about the exhibition

In these events, we look at Selma Aurora Haro’s works and talk about them using the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) method. The method is an excellent way to slowly immerse oneself in art, and discuss it without pressure. These are not traditional guided tours. Instead, VTS coach, artist and art educator Salla Keskinen leads the discussions with simple questions. Anyone with an interest in art can participate, no prior knowledge is required.

03/12 at 13 pm – 15 pm, Iso Galleria | Meet & Greet

A chance to meet the artist and talk about the exhibition. 


Free entrance to the exhibition and the events. No advance registration required. Welcome!