NYTT 2023 exhibits brand new contemporary art produced by graduating students from the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arts Academy. The exhibition runs until April 2nd in Taiteen Talo and until April 23rd in Turun Taidehalli.

The graduate exhibition consists of works by 23 artists in total, each of whom has their individual perspective and approach to their chosen media. On view are a wide range of techniques, from bronze casting to painting, photography, animation and installation. The materials used by the exhibiting artists are equally wide ranging. Wood, metal, oil and acrylic paint are used alongside natural materials, waste from building sites, and colours extracted from mushrooms. Instead of focusing on a predetermined theme NYTT 2023 showcases this multiplicity of working practices. The current graduating class has studied throughout the pandemic and other recent emergencies. A thematic unity in the works can perhaps be found in this shared contemporary moment through varied reflections on humanity, place and presence. While the works can be seen as commentaries on our contemporary society, they are also searching for meaning to life, love and death. 

“The versatility of the artistic practices is a source of joy and produces a unique whole each year. The current graduating class has a strong sense of unity, and this strength is reflected both in their practice and in their artworks. A move towards spatial practice, experimentation in combining different materials and techniques, together with careful finishing, are visible in the artworks, summarize the supervisors of the artistic thesis Henna-Riikka Halonen and Ismo Luukkonen.


The artists (Kunsthalle Turku)

Johanna Juupaluoma
Matleena Korhonen
Emmi-Vieno Lemmenhelmi
Veera Rajamo
Aino Reiman
Veera Tamminen
Jose Salminen
Alila Syrjä