The exhibition consists of large ink drawings on repurposed fabrics and a material arrangement installed in the gallery. In the monochrome drawings, a nervous line morphs into spaces, bodies and surfaces of motifs and patterns. In the installation, the line continues, drawing together a fragile diagram of conflicting expectations and desires. The works tune together the artist’s personal tensions and social insecurities. The artist claims that the works are wrinkles in a strained world where resources, explanations, and meaning are at once plentiful and scarce.

The exhibition echoes the difficulty of change and choice, both on a systemic and everyday level. The works have been further disturbed by speculation and podcasts on addictions, agency, power, lotto, procrastination and prophecy, virtuality, ruin nostalgia, political imagination and its deep- ecological critique, and, for example, alienation, humor, joy and anxiety as energy. 

Dylan is a Helsinki-based visual artist who works with drawing, sculpture, assemblages and video. The works are often built from small material-poetic gestures into installations, questioning the relationships between the whole and its parts. Dylan is interested in the movement between images and meanings as well as their morphogenesis and decay. In this psychedelic everyday ecology, the encounters between materials and energies become embodied as form and produce patterns of nervous social climates. Dylan’s works and collaboration with Océane Bruel have been exhibited in Finland and abroad in solo and group exhibitions; most recently at Glassbox Gallery in Paris, Tallinn Art Hall and the Alkovi Gallery in Helsinki. 

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.