The 95th Anniversary Exhibition of Turku Artists’ Association is a multivoiced compilation, stemming from a wide range of factors and works of art and highlighting the ever-increasing concern over the relationship between humankind and the environment. No single strong, consistent theme arose from the 101 responses to the open call for applications; the scope of different techniques and approaches was delightfully extensive. Some delicate connections can be discovered between the pieces, and the exhibition particularly includes works drawing strength from sensitivity, process thinking and complexity instead of precision and completion.

The pieces selected for the Anniversary Exhibition fascinatingly reflect various cracks and layers in humanity mirroring both our mental landscapes and relationship with our environment. A layered approach, manifesting itself in various ways through humour, social criticism and the art processes themselves, became one of the most gripping perspectives. The layered and, at the same time, fragmented approaches are repeated in the use of the exhibition facilities as the pieces are dispersed across several rooms and the different sections will be open to the public for different periods of time.

The gallery in the lobby features strongly expressive pieces with an intensity of voice stemming from bold colours and movement breaking through the image and the shape. In the large gallery on the second floor of Kunsthalle, the attention is drawn to the relationship between humankind and nature. Some of the pieces provide a direct commentary on this relationship, while others hint at it. The smaller gallery on the second floor features pieces strongly presenting our inner speech as well as a mountainous landscape mirroring our emotions. Step into the restroom at Kunsthalle to experience Maria West’s piece on existence. Placing the piece in a small space where the visitor cannot ignore it forces us to immerse ourselves in the piece in a limited time and space.

All in all, the exhibition is a fascinating, multivoiced compilation of works from the following artists: Henna Aho, Lilli Haapala, Selma Haro, Sini-Meri Hedberg, Matti Helenius, Roos Hermsen, Marjatta Holma Henni Kitti, Jessica Koivistoinen, Saara Kumpulainen, Mari Kämäräinen, Oona Leino-virtanen, Leka Lotta & Yli-Antola Marjo, Sara Manninen, Mari Metsämäki, Milja-Liina Moilanen, Eliisa Määttälä, Johanna Naukkarinen, Anu Perkkiö, Ilona Romunen, Elina Ruohonen, Jaana Valtari and Maria West.


Turun Taiteilijaseuran 95.vuosinäyttely