Turku Artists’ Association and Photographic Centre Peri are looking for proposals for the exhibition programme of Kunsthalle Turku. The organisers are particularly interested in new productions of contemporary and photographic art that have not been previously exhibited in Turku. The open call applies to any professional artists working with visual arts, photography or media. The organisers welcome both traditional exhibitions of visual arts or photography and unconventional, multidisciplinary works of art. Groups of artists may also submit a joint proposal, and curators may suggest existing exhibition concepts.

The goal of the open call is to find exhibitions for the two galleries at Kunsthalle Turku. Exhibitions can be proposed for one or both galleries. Art projects taking place outside the galleries can also be proposed in the open call.

The exhibition periods for the open call 2022 are:

  • January 8th – February 6th
  • February 11th – March 13th
  • May 6th – June 4th
  • June 10th – July 10th
  • September 2nd – October 2nd
  • October 7th – November 6th


Kunsthalle Turku is located in the Old Town Hall at the Old Great Square in the centre of Turku. Kunsthalle Turku has two galleries located on the second floor of the building. Layouts of the galleries.

Exhibition space 1 – Large Gallery
Second floor, 52+20+40=112 m². The Large Gallery consists of a rectangular space with a row of windows facing the Old Great Square on one side. The gallery has plenty of natural light. The gallery features some unusual elements for an exhibition space, such as wide, grey floorboards, windows and a tile stove. The space is suited for both two-dimensional pieces as well as various installations. The ceiling features gallery-quality spotlights.

James Prevett, Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo / Ding Ting Ting

Exhibition space 2 – Small Gallery
Second floor, 27 m². The gallery has three walls for hanging artwork, one wall with windows facing the courtyard and wide, grey floorboards. The space is suited for both two-dimensional pieces as well as various installations. The gallery can be darkened for screening purposes. The space is located next to the Large Gallery with direct access from the staircase. The ceiling features gallery-quality spotlights.

Dylan Ray Arnold / Nervous System(s), snooze(in9)


Exhibitions and any exhibition-related arrangements in the galleries of Kunsthalle Turku are free of charge for the artists.

One exhibition period lasts four weeks. Openings are usually held on the Thursday preceding the first day of the exhibition. The artist is responsible for the installation and transport of the pieces, a transport and exhibition insurance and their personal travel expenses.

The exhibition agreement covers the following services:

  • Exhibition space and surveillance thereof during the exhibition period
  • Design, printing and Turku-based distribution of the exhibition poster
  • Proofreading the exhibition text and list of works as well as translations to Swedish and English
  • Sending a press release and an electronic invitation to the mailing lists of Kunsthalle Turku
  • Advertisements on the Kunsthalle website and social media as well as in various event calendars
  • Staff assistance on the installation and dismantling days of the exhibition
  • Tracking the visitor number and the media, documenting the exhibition
  • Press contacts, arrangements and refreshments for the opening
  • Mediating sales of artwork and related materials (30% commission)

Artists may use the technical equipment of Kunsthalle free of charge. If equipment required for the exhibition is not available at Kunsthalle, the artist will be responsible for its acquisition and costs. The artist is responsible for the production of the exhibition and any technical support needed for installing the equipment.


The open call process will be handled electronically. Fill in the application form here and attach your CV (PDF) and an exhibition proposal (PDF) that must include:

  • an exhibition plan (name of the exhibition, more information on the size and technique of the pieces)
  • images (5–10) of the pieces or examples of previous production; for media art, please submit a link to Vimeo, for example.

Send your exhibition proposal by 23.59 p.m. (UTC +2) on Sunday, 28 February 2021. Submissions sent later than this will not be accepted for consideration.

The Art Committee of Kunsthalle Turku consists of members of Photographic Centre Peri and the Turku Artists’ Association. The exhibition selections will be made in March 2021, after which all the applicants will be informed of the decisions via e-mail by the end of April. Read the introduction of the Art Committee of Kunsthalle Turku here.


Kunsthalle Turku, a centre for visual arts established by two local art communities, the Turku Artists’ Association and Photographic Centre Peri, was opened in February 2019 in the heart of Turku’s old town. The two operators organise exhibitions and events at Kunsthalle and maintain PeriLab, a workspace for artists, as well as the Turku art lending service and a library on photographic art. Kunsthalle Turku is a vibrant centre for creative minds, art mediation, services and events. Kunsthalle Turku is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 12 noon and 6 p.m. and on Sundays between 12 noon and 4 p.m. as well as during events.


For further information on the open call, please contact: